Annual show with sculptor Mike Roig on the Orange County Artists Guild Open Studio Tour

Community Church Show with sculptor Mike Roig, 2009


"Clay and I spent an entirely enjoyable afternoon installing our joint show at the Unitarian Church in Chapel Hill. While only congregants of the church of the artistic calling ourselves, this church has played an interesting part in supporting my efforts to establish my bona fides as an artist. Charlie Kast, a prior minister at the church, commissioned me way back in the last century some time to make the altar chalice for the church. That was immediately following his purchase of my first leap into larger than human-scale sculpture.

"Now, mainly through the auspices of Joan Meade, church member and another early patron of my work, Clay and I have the opportunity to exhibit together for the first time outside our home in the newly renovated environment of this active church. I have several outdoor pieces in the courtyard, and our work together intermingles throughout the sanctuary. Aside from Sunday Services, indoor work can be seen 12 - 2 p.m. weekdays. If you're in Chapel Hill and looking for a pleasurable extension to your lunch hour, please feel free to enjoy the show.

"Note: We are expecting copies of Clay's book, Wild Things, to be arriving soon. We will definitely be planning a celebration of some sort this spring when we can finally say it's ready for its official unveiling. Meanwhile, the black-and-white illustrations in this show are from the illustrations scattered throughout the story, and the sculpture "Wild Things" in the courtyard is my interpretation of the sculpture Henry Royster makes of his niece, Zoë, and her cat, Mr. C'mere, running with the wind. The fictional Mr. Royster and Mr. C'mere take some inspiration from characters you may have met around here before - with plenty of artistic license."

- Mike Roig, January 2009

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