2022 Studio Tour Sign INFO:


2022 Tour Sign Pick-Up, two options:

1. Wednesday, October 19th, before the last meeting pre-tour, in the ArtsCenter side parking lot, from 6:15-7 pm. Meeting will be inside the AC from 7-8:30 pm. (This info updated by the board on 10/4/22.)

2. During Hillsborough Gallery of Arts at Tour Art Drop-off, Sunday, October 23th from 12-4 pm. (HGA OCAG Reception featuring this art is 6-9pm, Oct 28).


2022 Tour Sign Return, two options: (yellow signs and arrows only)

1. Monday, November 14 at the HGA art pick-up, 11-2 pm.

2. You may also return your signs during the week after tour to Mike and Clay's front porch. We are #43 on the tour map. Return all remaining signs then.

In either case, please remove all ribbons and twist ties & check, count and clean dirty signs before returning. Please let us know by email if you have lost or damaged signs: bearbooks@mindspring.com


Ordering Balloons this year:

Balloons & Tunes folks Robert, Kevin and Matt said they will be making small balloon bouquets with a sand or brick weight for 2022 tour. Order deadline: October 20th. 919-967-3433, Tuesday-Saturday, 10-4.


Downloadable Tour Numbers 1-92 for Graphics are on the OCAG website, here.

How to assemble and plant your signs, how to attach balloons, w/sign return info pdf



Sign Pictures and Studio Numbers 2022