"There are three rules for writing the novel.
Unfortunately no one knows what they are."

-Somerset Maugham



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A limited number of FREE 20-minute virtual question

and answer visits are available each year.*

Longer virtual Q & A visits may be arranged for a fee.

Availability and more info, email only: claycarmichael@gmail.com

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Clay Carmichael studied English and journalism and graduated summa cum laude in Creative Writing from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She is the author-illustrator of three picture books and two novels. She has given hundreds of presentations and taught thousands of young writers and artists. She lives with her sculptor-husband Mike Roig in Carrboro, NC.

*Free virtual visits must be arranged at least two weeks prior, confirmed by the classroom teacher at least three days ahead, and a short tech run beforehand to check our connection is required.

Author Note/About Recent Changes to Core Curricula

While I spend most of my creative time writing and illustrating, I enjoy meeting my readers.

When I do, my emphasis is writing and illustrating as processes. Revision is key, where the real magic happens, where sketchy stories, characters come to life, struggle, deepen, and, if a writer's lucky, leap off the page.

During author visits I talk about the process of writing and illustrating a particular book. Recently I've written and illustrated the novel "Wild Things", for ages nine and up, and "Brother, Brother", for teens.

Finally, core curricula come and go, but the elements of good writing, thoughtful revision and research, and careful proofreading never change. This is true whether I'm writing fiction or nonfiction, a story, a novel, an essay, an editorial, a book review, or a research paper. I've written them all. The tools I use for each may vary, but my goal of clear, economical, thoughtful, and vivid writing is the same across all forms.


School & Library Visits/Presentations

See a short presentation excerpt here.

One-half day, either morning or afternoon, within 25 miles of Chapel Hill, NC; two 45-minute presentations maximum: $400.

Full day, within 50 miles of Chapel Hill, NC, four 45-minute

presentations maximum: $800.

Out-of-town (more than 50 miles from Chapel Hill, NC), full-day only: $900.00 + all travel and accommodations.


Writer in Residence

My aim is to foster good writers, period. Good writers grab the reader's attention from sentence one and keep it until the last word. That's the idea whether you're writing a novel or a book report. I show my students tools I've learned from writing, reading and studying with other writers.

For residencies, I write an original story or personal narrative to model techniques including structure, character, conflict and plot/narrative development and the importance of revision. As homework, students write original stories. We read and talk about each others' work in class the next day. This simultaneously develops writing, editorial, listening and presentational skills.

Writer in Residence: $100 per class x either four or five days with a maximum of five classes per day. Grades 3 through adult.

$1000 minimum, plus travel beyond 25 miles.


Art & Writing Workshops

Workshops are custom enterprises. I've taught illustration, picture book making and also poetry, which I studied and wrote in college.

Grades 3 through adult. $1500 minimum, plus travel beyond 25 miles.

Samples of past workshops here.


Speaking Engagements

For a sample, read my talk from the NC Literature Festival here.

$800 minimum, plus travel and accommodations.


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